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Report - Morton house - Worcester - jan 2015


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this was only a swift explore, was only meant to be a recy but had the camera so papped a few shots, the place is wrapped up like fort knox, ply sheeting on every ground floor window and door. And a few cameras dotted about. no chance of getting in the main house, thought i was in luck on the lower roof as theres no ply on that floor, still no good though.

unfortunatelty cant find much history about the actual building, googled morton house after seeing it in the local rag, all i know is that it was a nursing home that had ran into financial difficluties and closed down back in early octorber and now it could be up for demolition, according to the planning application it looks like the demolition is pending following a Programme of Historic Building recording and Interpretation.


sorry i cant find anymore info, ill keep digging though as i at least want to know when the original house was built.

pretty rough extension







cus i know urbexers love a good old shot of a ropey wheelchair-got a garage full here take your bloody pick!



whats the one thing you always need but never have??



thanks for looking, shame i couldnt get inside-happy exploring
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Some nice pics there mate well done.. There's always tomorrow :thumbs:thumbs:thumbs:thumbs


28DL Full Member
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So close mate, nothing worse :thumb

Weird the shuttering is on the inside, leaving all the glass to get smashed externally :crazy

Bet it"d be nice inside with 5 years of Facebook Explorers on it lol

Give it a week it"ll be open ;)


Conrod the Barbarian
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i know i thought that?? to be fair its in a pretty nice part of town on the outskirts of worcs so i cant imagine any young punks getting up there to trash it just yet, that said maybe just one little pvc window round the back of the extension probably wouldnt hurt :D shall defo be keepin an eye on the place

Dave Jones

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I remember this as a kid .. Dad was part of the team that carried out the conversion to nursing home about 1985 used to be council offices years before
I had a quick recy on the 10th of January looks well secured but I'll keep my eye open as I'm local
It's a lovely old building will be sad to see it demolished

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