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Report - Moseley Swimming Baths, Birmingham, February 2015


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Moseley Swimming Baths.
So while on the tour bus around Birmingham on a particular weekend that many others appeared to be in the area, causing all sorts of bother with road closures and cranes etc. some of us were having a merry old day of fail after fail, wrong directions and a distinct lack of any ninja skills until we stumbled across this lovely place. Luckily a couple chanced a look and smug grins ensued, so naturally we all bundled in until TLR got busted on his own. Visited with AK, Stig, JuJu, Wombat, TLR, KM punk, and a few others whom I've managed to forget your forum names - shameful I know, you can slap me at the next meet.

History bit,
Moseley Road Baths opened on October 30th 1907 at a cost of £32,924. It is the oldest of only three Grade II* Listed swimming baths currently operating in Britain (those at the privately-owned RAC Club in London and The National Sports Centre at Crystal Palace being the other two). Moseley Road is a window on a lifestyle that was common to millions of Britons at the turn of the 19th century.

Unquestionably one of Birmingham's finest and most treasured buildings, Moseley Road Baths contains several rare or unique features, including:

  • The only complete set of pre-war private washing, or 'slipper' baths extant in Britain (46 in total), still with the original oak ticket office and attendants' kiosks largely intact.
  • A three-sided spectator gallery and unique balconettes in the Gala (or First Class) Pool as well as the original poolside arched glazed brick dressing boxes.
  • A 98ft long Gothic renaissance red brick and terracotta frontage, lavishly embellished and decorated.
  • Possibly the only surviving steam-heated drying racks in a British swimming baths, sited in the First Floor laundry room.
  • The original 45,000-gallon capacity cast iron cold water storage tank.
Despite this, and Moseley Road Bath's undoubted popularity with swimmers of all ages, the building has suffered from acute neglect over a sustained period of time to the extent that in 2007 it featured on the Victorian Society's list of the ten most endangered buildings in Britain. Currently, only the smaller pool is operational, the Gala Pool and 'slipper' baths having closed for safety reasons in 2003 and 2004 respectively.

Its future is now very much in doubt with calls to transfer ownership from local authority control and convert the building, or at least large parts of it, to uses unconnected with swimming or fitness. The option of a replacement baths in the Balsall Heath district seems unrealistic, for reasons of both finance and a shortage of available land. Yet Moseley Road Baths is a large building, with much unused and vacant space that has the potential to be converted to uses complimentary to the primary purpose of swimming.

Finally on with some pics, not too many though.








Thanks for looking.


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Nice work bud. I haven't done as many pools as I would like to.


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What a day, this was the highlight of the day closely followed by locking you in Ninja Wombat's car:wanker
Good stuff, glad you finally posted it:p you've got some shots no one else have :thumb


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Thanks for the comments guys and girls :)

Was a good day, must arrange another get together. I'd forgot I had to start clawing at the windows like a trapped puppy - thanks for that! :rolleyes:

Ben Rayne

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How do you get inside these buildings? Im currently looking for a derelict place to shoot a music video


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How do you get inside these buildings? Im currently looking for a derelict place to shoot a music video
Well there is a special top secret email address we hide in the FAQs. If people read them they tend to find it and then the world is their dilapidated oyster ;)

<3 Seriously though, if you look around there are plenty of easy places to visit and a tonne more amazing not so easy ones...good luck!


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How do you get inside these buildings? Im currently looking for a derelict place to shoot a music video
My sort code is 20-21-07 and my account number is 000234...... Oh wait. ;)
You need to get out there and find it mate.

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