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Report - Mossley Manor Care Home - Liverpool - Sept 19

The Excursionists

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Mossley Manor Care Home

I'd only found the photos and footage of this spot less than a week ago. I was happy to find it but expected that what we had got on the day over 4 months ago wasn't going to be the best it could have been, but to my surprise the shoot and video came out pretty well.
Mossley Manor was a care home for the elderly that closed in 2015. The site had two inspections take place in the years before it closed down. One occurred in 2013 where an improvement notice was issued and the second was unannounced and happened in 2015, the year of closure. The Care Quality Commission found breaches of 10 of their regulation and said that the care home was dirty, dangerous, had an overpowering smell of urine and residents had no hot water (to name a few). Previously, the property was known as Elmswood House back in 1850 when it was constructed. Nicholas Duckworth occupied this house during 1878 where it was extended further. Come 1940 and the site became the Salvation Army's maternity and women's home. There is little history after but it was known to change to a lost children's home by 1970.

The explore was a relatively easy one and wasn't something we had come to do specifically. Knowing of the site and failing elsewhere on the day we decided to give it a go and get it ticked off the list. Again, this is well covered site but I thought I'd share a recent take on it. We do have some less covered sites coming up soon. For some reason, I didn't take any exteriors so I have thrown a photo in from before the building started to deteriorate. Other exterior photos can be found on numerous reports across 28DL if you're unfamiliar with this spot.

The Grand staircase and huge stained glass window this place is known for...

Our video for this will be releasing on Sunday so it is private for now. If you are interested then check back then and it should be public.

Thanks for looking! :)


The Excursionists

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Keep meaning to do this one but somehow never seems to happen, the window looks nice but looks like its going downhill fast!
Its deteriorating quickly, the main hall has had lots of water damage over time. The piano used to have keys it’s just pieces of wood at this point..


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Me and some friends were going to visit this one but we were put off by the sign saying there was a guard dog inside- I’m guessing there wasn’t anyone there? Would love to explore this place x

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Always like to see this place. The stairs & window are definitely the main attraction. Nice take on it.
Sad to read someone has broken those lovely windows though :mad:

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