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Report - Mote Park Mine, Maidstone, Kent - July 2017


Weirdy Beardy
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Being more of a Facebook local groups kind of guy I thought it was finally time to join up to the forum and bang my first report up.

I had known for a number of years that there was a ragstone mine in Mote park from little snippets of info from various history groups but it was just something I never really looked into in too much detail. I was pleased to see Obscurity's report on here a while back which confirmed things. Unfortunately once again this is where things stalled. There had been many chats about going to check this out and a few photo's of the sealed entrance but as it is sometimes things never went any further than that........until I got a message whilst on holiday this year from a couple of non members that this was now doable due to reasons that shall not be disclosed.......soooo arriving back in the UK, guess what one of the first things I did was? (Barring going on a 4 day bender at Kendal Calling)

The photo's below were taken on two visits with non members, without ducking out writing up the history I'll refer you back to Obscurity's original report (https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/mote-park-mine-maidstone-kent-oct-2014-jan-2015.t93748), anything I could write would just be plagiarism to be fair!

Very unstable in places this mine and the props put in place by KURG do not really fill you full of confidence, entry is fun but once you get through the crawl space and limbo around a few props it's no different to other mines. Anyway, hope you enjoy!
















A Predisposed Tourist
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My word,you joined an actual forum,nice to see some of these on here :D


Flaxenation of the G!!!
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good to see more people joining the 'Proper' community and a good first report too mate. Good effort :thumb
Welcome to the forums.


Weirdy Beardy
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good to see more people joining the 'Proper' community and a good first report too mate. Good effort :thumb
Welcome to the forums.
Cheers mate, could only see your report on this so thought it was time to get some more up on the place. Hopefully I'll keep my forum contributions up although I will say Flickr was a real test of my patience last night. Don't know if it's my shitty Sky but took around 45 to upload 14 photo's....only 200mb worth too :banghead:banghead


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28DL Full Member
Unstable? You should see Cults mine (also limestone). I wanted to look at this place when I lived in Maidstone but the door was welded shut due to repeated vandalism, in about 2008 or so. Years ago in the nineties and before, the high chainlink fencing wasn't there, just the iron railings. there were similar mines off of Willington Street, one in whats now Chapman Avenue and one on the edge of Downswood but I'm not aware that they have surviving entrances. Very good lighting in the pictures.

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