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Report - Mountfield House, Devon, July 2017


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Mountfield house is an early-mid 18thc manor house in Devon formerly owned by physiotherapist Dr Annette Drummond-Rees. Dr. D-R was clearly doing quite well just by the size of the house. Despite the large frontage, it is even bigger inside. As for what happened, there is some difficulty in piecing the story together. From my research, I believe she moved in with her husband and he died, although I don’t know when. She seemed to start getting in to holiday lets in the 90s, and on 02/12/96 and lost a High Court appeal and was convicted of letting out a property which failed low voltage tests. (the power is still on in the house by the way… so maybe stay away from the plugs lol) . In 2000 it seems she started getting in to property management and development (which was quite late in life to start a venture as she was born in 1932). This is where the details become more confusing. At some point (some say after her husband died) she split the house in to flats – she occupied one. She then became a massive hoarder (almost everything you see has an Oxfam sticker on it. Massive house, full of worthless stuff, crazy… anyway) you would think that maybe she died and just her flat became empty… instead the whole house became empty and filled up with her shit.. The only thing I can think of is perhaps the flats became unsafe and the tenants left, and then she became a hoarder and filled them all up. The latest letter I could find with her name on was from 2005, so that’s when I assumed she died. Then I realized the saxo in the garden would have only been 2 or 3 years old when it was left… So I did some more digging. The car was last taxed in 2010 so I would assume that she left around then… I’ll go in to more info if requested but from information I found she is either still alive and living in London or she has died sometime from 2014-present…

The house itself is in rather strange condition. One part has totally collapsed, and in another part one of the rooms had a lovely comfy bed and made me think about staying the night. No signs of demo I don’t think as its full of bats. Again, there really isn’t much in the way of interesting here. Just lot’s of charity shop stuff. She must have been after my heart though, as a lot of it was cat themed. The charity shop stuff makes it very difficult to actually work out when she was actually there as it’s thrown it back to the 70s…

The cars outside are interesting, a Lada (riva?) two Honda Preludes (one crushed by the part of the house that collapsed), the aforementioned Saxo, a Pugeot 405, mi16 and a rare as rocking horse shit Seat Marbella cabriolet.

On to the photos….

WhatsApp Image 20n17-07-10 at 16.02.03-1.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2017-0j7-10 at 16.02.47-1.jpg
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To anyone interested the Marbella was last taxed in 1997 yet the much older Prelude XGT500W was last on the road in 2004


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Went today after waiting ages, bloke in the house below said a lad broke his ankle falling through a floorboard last week so be carful,
Diddnt seem to see all of upstairs though ? Is it split in half ? The dog found a fox with half a chicken in one of the bed rooms, at least we weren't alone


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The charity shop stuff reminds me of the beekeeper crowd in Berkshire with sheds full of items with price tags. Was she doing car boot sales I wonder?


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We popped in there a couple of weeks back, just looked in the ground floor flat and garages and left. Bit shit if you ask me! Every neighbour seemed to be out in thier garden looking at us but no one stopped us. Cars were interesting tho if you like poking old cars.


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The charity shop stuff reminds me of the beekeeper crowd in Berkshire with sheds full of items with price tags. Was she doing car boot sales I wonder?
It is another of those sad places left to rot because it can't be sold or occupied.


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It's just the back door I think. People say it's a secret door cos it blends in with the house.
Ah I see. Just seems weird to have the staircase not accessible from the main house ground floor and by a different exterior doorway. I seen reports that there is no floor behind that door now, hence not accessible. Will be going shortly so we will see!