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Moving photos from Photobucket to Flickr.


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Hi everyone, been a while since I've been properly active here. Just like everyone else, I'm aware of the nuisance that is photo bucket.

Finally got into my long forgotten Flickr account (had to contact support eventually to finally get the password reset. I'm now planning to download all my photos to my computer, then delete the PB account at long last and finally uploading all the photos to Flickr. Looking for a little bit of advice in this matter (I've not uploaded anything to PB/ 28DL for ages) .
Should I pay one month (direct debit?) to PB get everything cleared i.e. download the whole of PB to my computer for safekeeping. (it seems to hide most of your photos if you go over the limit, pathetic and spiteful really) before putting the bucket where it belongs. I just wondered if anyone had experience with this? (contacting PB support would probably be a waste of time)


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You can upload directly to the forum now. If you just want it for forum stuff then do that.

Personally I'd steer clear of Flickr too. It tanked after it got sold and they started charging a fortune for membership and trying to hold you to ransom to keep you're photos online if you stopped paying.