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Report - Mu Premium Steak House and Bar - Christchurch - October 2014


Is this the future?
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Mu Premium Steak House and Bar is a former restaurant, located in Christchurch. As far as history goes, the site doesn’t appear to have any prior to the earthquakes which occurred in 2011. Obviously it’s out there somewhere but, as it stands, it’s proving to be especially elusive. Judging by several online reviews, the steak house received mixed responses with regard to its food, overall service and members of staff; with many suggesting that steaks were often incorrectly cooked and others advising of poor hospitality and an unfriendly environment. Now set within the red zone, the building sits as part of a wider complex comprising of a number of different restaurants and clubs that have also been shut down and sealed. The whole site is deemed unstable and too dangerous for the public to enter. Like most buildings in Christchurch, the decision regarding its future involves a long and laborious process. Inevitably, though, it is likely that demolition plans will be scheduled on account of the extensive structural damage that is reported to exist. Outside metal containers have been positioned against the steak house to protect the surrounding area from the consequential effects of further earthquakes, and in response to fears that the site could collapse by its own accord.

Stumbling across this site by accident proved to be worth it. Initially, we peered through the door which is completely sealed by a heavy-duty iron gate; entirely explorer-proof I would conclude. Nevertheless, to cut a long and rather interesting story short, we managed to think the problem through and soon found ourselves surrounded by countless bottles and glasses – the very things that had caught our attention in the first place. For anyone who likes the occasional bevvy, this is the explore for you. All the same, if you’re a little squeamish about malodorous smells, this isn’t the explore for you. It seems they were serious about no one entering the building after the exclusion zone was made effective and consequently much of the food still remains onsite. Tasty! Even so, for the most part, the site made for an interesting explore on account of the many items that have been left behind.

Explored with Urbex Central; Nillskill.

1: External Shot


2: Beer Taps on the Bar


3: Beverages and Glasses


4: Wine Racks


7: Hoegaarden (A Fine Beer Indeed)


8: The Kitchens


9: Food Store Room


10: Rear Wine Racks


11: Lower Seating Area


12: Looking Back Towards the Bar and Upper Seating Areas


13: The Office


14: Do Not Enter: Staff Area



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Me like lots,would be tempted to go for an all night lock in myself....nice report:D