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Report - Muir's Scrapyard Thornton, Fife, June 1987


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OK here is another old one. Photography not quite the same standard as the other reports but for completeness I though this one should be here. Muir's was a family scrap business who were active on this site from the 1960's to the 1990's. They developed really good relations with the NCB just at the time that coal mining was being closed down in Scotland. The yard grew as more and more mining scrap arrived but all was cleared in the 1990's. My initial visit to the yard was as a steam enthusiast back in the early 1970s. When I went back on this trip I knew some of the locomotives were still there. Access was not difficult and we are talking about the days before CCTV, they had another, cheaper and generally more effective way of deterring unwanted visitors that has 4 legs and teeth.


This is right by the gate. The front locomotive was the last sold by the Muirs and after the yard closed it sat near the old gate right by the road.


The number of gas bottles gives an idea of the amount of activity cutting stuff up


I guess I was a bit obsessed by the steam engines but the rest of the stuff was really awesome.


The cable drums in the foreground are mine winding cables some completely new and unused just dumped as the mines closed.


This explore came to an abrupt end. After I started walking deeper into the yard among more mining equipment I heard a bark and saw a couple of large dogs a couple of hundred yard away around the same time they saw me so I ran for it and got back through the fence and over the wall before the dogs got to me!


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