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Report - Mullard Observatory, One Mile Telescope, Dec '12.

Boba Low

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Visited with Bordello and Fredster Peterson.

"The One-Mile Telescope at the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory (MRAO) is an array of radio telescopes (2 fixed and 1 moveable, fully steerable 60-ft-diameter parabolic reflectors operating simultaneously at 1407 MHz and 408 MHz)[1] designed to perform aperture synthesis interferometry.

The array was completed in 1964. Over a 20 year career, the telescope was used to map individual objects, and to do several deep field surveys. Though still occasionally used, it is now essentially retired (one of the dishes is occasionally used for undergraduate projects or by amateur radio astronomers). The construction of this telescope and development of the Earth-rotation aperture synthesis used when operating it contributed to Martin Ryle and Antony Hewish receiving the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1974."
I wanted to see what the crack was with the Cement Works in Barrington, and knew I wouldn't be able to drag Bordello and Fredster there without some high dangly action afterwards. A quick check of Le Map showed that these were just round the corner. Job done, game on. We drove up, parked just off a road and went for it, I'll let the pictures do the rest. On an only marginally related note, Tescos sell Fuji C200 now instead of Kodak Gold. Life is good.









That's it for now folks.


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