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Report - Multi-industrial building/ Northampton/ November 2013

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Hello everybody,

The Lone Shadow here. The other day I just happened to park up outside this derelict looking building, of which I had no idea what it was. I had a good look from the outside as it is fenced off but decided to come back later that day as I had my 18 month old son with me. Later on that day I came back to investigate alone with my camera and found a way in. Turns out that this happens to be a large multi-business building complex of which I have never seen or even heard off before and its right here in my home town. As I was pushed for time I snapped away but with a plan of coming back here in the near future.

So yesterday I put aside some time to do some more urbexing. My plan was to do St. Edmund’s hospital in the morning and then in the afternoon to do this site again with FaZy_UK.

All did not go to plan.... Whilst on my way into St. Edmund’s I got my hand trapped and sliced it open on entryto the site. At first I ignored it, thinking it was only a little cut, but my hand suddenly started pouring with blood and I was cut deep enough for me to see the tendons in my finger. So, I had to abort and go to A&E. Got four stitches in the end, was lucky to not come away with worse. Anyway, I was advised by the hospital to rest my hand and what did I do the second I got out of A&E? Put a glove on my injured hand and continue urbexing, lol.

In the end I came straight to this site with FaZy_UK and forgot about St. Edmunds for the day (and yes, I did take photographs of my hand - stitched up only though, as when it was gashed open it was quite gruesome and there was loads of blood).

So, I tried to find out some history on these places but its not easy, as they are mostly modern businesses that have come and gone, I can however identify what was here though.

Now before I start with the pictures I must really apologise to the moderators/administrators for the amount of photos I am about to post, but its only because there are 5 smaller businesses inside the larger building. So, this has not been easy.

The First company here was “Car deal motors†It seems like it was just a back street garage, it was mostly empty with a fair bit of overgrowth coming through the sides of the walls and the floor, also had white power graffiti on the walls. It probably closed around the late 1990's.










The second company was a disability and special needs services that also dealt with counselling and advice. I could not find the exact name, it was some carers office basically and there were many links to various hospitals and branches of the NHS all over country as charted in some of the paperwork. Looks like this place has been closed since around 2004.








Then there was “Kingfisher gym studioâ€, it was a modern gym, totally damp and trashed with a fair bit of graffiti, but plenty to see here including 2 floors of solariums, gym benches, equipment and sauna, probably the most interesting part of the building. Closed around 2006.










“Evergreen Interiors Furniture Makers†was fourth with plenty of broken, trashed and damp furniture all strewn and stacked against the back walls. It is unknown when this business closed. Judging by the amount of overgrowth inside the building, it was probably the late 90's.





Last to see was “Tiger Printâ€, it was very dark and had about a hundred pigeons roosting in the top parts of the ceiling with piles of pigeon poo almost a foot thick in places, its very dark and dingy in here with stacks of undelivered flyers and other printed materials, all over the place. I guess these were one of the companies responsible for all the blasted kebab and pizza propagada you get through your doors. This closed round about 2006.






Thanks for taking the time to look and read my report :thumb

The Lone Shadow


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