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MUST SEE SPOTS in herts/surrounding


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Hey guys

I'm new to this site after finding it online, trying to find the bunker near East Lane Cemetery, in Leavesden. Im posting to get advice on other spots to checkout

Ive noticed there isnt a "search" feature on this site to search for good spots in hertfordshire. When i found posts RE herts, the spots were demolished. Can you please comment your favourite spots to checkout in Hertfordshire/surrounding areas. Willing to travel further if the spot is worth it.

Looking forward to see what you guys got

Bikin Glynn

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Regular User
Not really how it works around here im afraid people wont just hand out locations.
There is a search function top right, try county, town or village names in there & see what comes up.

Lord Oort

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Read these, Dont ask for locations.



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I echo the above. Asking outright for locations doesn’t go down too well as both @Bikin Glynn and @Lord Oort have already mentioned, especially as a newbie with only this post to your name.

The search box is a great resource, and if everything you search for is demolished, it just means you need to do a bit of leg work and research yourself.


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Yup. Exploring means searcing for things. Loads of resources at your disposal. If you find things that no one else has explored already that is one of the best things...


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There are also other websites that show locations but on here you shouldn't ask. Google is your best hope.

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