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Question - My Homemade bag

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So... i am going to start exploring next week hopefully so i decided tonight to sort a bag out and my kit.

I searched the forums and packed my bag accordingly

For my bag i packed :

First aid kit(bandages, plasters,antiseptic wipes & sterile water)
My Camera of course.
Notepad & Pen
Grip Gloves kinda Waterproof
LED Torch
A Multi-tool
Water Canteen (yes it is pink lol)
I have a Respirator to put in to. Just a mouth and nose one not full face
A Extra nice warm Fleece
Spare Pair of Socks(you never know)
Will put snacks in before i leave.

So onto my Bag itself

I did not want to go spend money on a goretex bag or whatever so here is my own

I Started with a Old Adidas bag

Then i had the bottom of a seat cover(waterproof)

Then i had a bag net laying around


The way i was thinking is the net makes the bag nice and secure, and the cover over it protects the camera and bag from water dust and dirt.

Not sure if it is your cup of tea but i thought i would share my contribution :)



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Just take what You feel you need on the day - some explores need a weeks worth of kit, some you can do in a suit and tie.

One obvious point to make though.

most explores = civil trespass (not a criminal offence)

Multitool = chance for police to decide you are going equipped.

Going equipped. = criminal offence

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I think you got that just right, except for, as mentioned by Styru, the multitool. If you're caught mooching about somewhere, it could be the difference between getting let off and getting shafted. Personally, I wouldn't have the mesh outer either, that's going to snag quite bad, and that's not a good thing.
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