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Lead or Rumour info - Mysterious grating and shaft - Clapham North


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I used to work in one of the units here - at the Clapham North Art Centre in London.

Apparently the site used to be a munitions factory in WW1, though I don't know how accurate that is.

While working there, stories floated about that there were tunnels beneath the site that had been accessed a few years previously by the owner of the site and the site caretaker - who has now left I believe. There were apparently a network of brick-built tunnels leading in all directions, but with a main tunnel leading along the site back toward the main road. A story also circulated that they had found WW1 rifles in there, but this sounds like bollocks to me.

Anyway, one evening we had a get together where all the companies meet in one office and have a few drinks. As the night wore on I mentioned the story of the tunnels to a few of the guys there. One of them said he knew where the entrance was and took us around the corner to show us a large new-looking checker-plate sheet held down at the edges by old-looking duct tape.

We lifted the sheet up to reveal a very hefty steel door about 1m x 1m in the floor and a combination of curiosity and beer led us to search the surroundings for things to open it up with.

Eventually we got the door open, beneath which lay a smaller man-hole sized square steel grating. This we also opened up to reveal a deep square-section brick-line shaft with steel loops inserted every foot or so to act as a ladder. With a torch we could see to the bottom which seemed to show a dry floor with a low (1 - 1.5m) brick tunnel leading South East and North West.

There was a strong waft of warm, slightly sewery-smelling air upon opening but that lessened the longer it was open. Either way, we did not venture down as I didn't trust the ladder step things and we couldn't find a ladder long enough to reach the bottom.


The pic above shows the location of the grating and shaft in yellow and the path into the estate and through the old warehouse to get there.

The red arrow shows the location of some amateur excavation carried out by the owner and caretaker in an attempt to find the other end of the tunnel/s, suggesting they walked through them quite a way.

Anyway, the company that now owns the estate is quite keen to build houses on it, so there may not be much time left for interested parties to explore it.


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We thought that initially, but there are no sewers indicated near there. The sewers in that part of clapham all run along the roads, with a large victorian sewer running along Voltaire Road


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The smell of sewage is the rotting sausage rolls nobody bought from the gift shop when it was raining :D