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Report - N.C.P (CSO), Manchester - October 2011.


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N.C.P (CSO), Manchester

Today I went to have a look at a disused rail tunnel, but sadly left it too late, as the boys in orange were all over it constructing the Metrolink :banghead

Whilst in the area I decided to go sniff some shit, and take a closer look at this overflow that I had spotted a while back

The biggest challenge was where to park the car, and after a long walk back, I realised I had left the tripod behind FFS!

Situated in one of Manchester's finest ghettos, amongst some rather sketch scrub-land is this grilled outfall


It was a bit of a squeeze, (made a bit easier by the pikey's who had obviously been for a poke about, but soon realised there is fuck all other than turds) :D


Once down, I just new I was gonna miss the tripod, but really couldn't be arsed coming back...

First up a short stoop through this misty 4ft RCP


After around 8M with a slight curve there it was, the smell of sewerfresh, ahead of a smaller chamber


Here, a small CSO chamber, with step irons to a manhole above..

You can see the sewer runs under the wooden barrier and deviates by a couple of fanny plasters before exiting under and down a 30cm slot


The smell was more foul than combined as I peered through the gap in the woodwork

On the other side, a medium sized shit-tank/storm overflow, with the sewer exiting via a 4ft RCP

I had no plans to climb through and join the turds parked up on the other side :rolleyes:


Not for hanging around, I doubled back through the 4ft overflow and outta here