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Report - N.F.I. Drain/Sewer, Halifax - June 2010.


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N.F.I. Drain/Sewer - Visited By Ojay & Stepping Lightly.

(Apologies for the picture quality, due to bad air and poop particles causing poor visibility).

After a long day in Derbyshire in your mines, I met up with S.L. to check out some more underground stuff, this had been on my list for a while and had just never got round to it, even after visiting Pipemare recently with Thompski we simply ran out of time.

We first had a look upstream, including some sewer overflows, credits to S.L. for lifting some big ass liddage (I don't know how he does it).

First up this huge overflow chamber, as I shone my torch down, I could see the ladder vanish below,


on the right was this larger RCP, which was basically an overflow for the sewer within. S.L. stooped off up the pipe to check out the turd flow disappear down a plughole,


whilst I clambered down even further to see where this shit was heading. The flume is real fast flowing, shame we didn't have the rubber ring with us :D


This system is mental, as next up was this "Vortex" where the flow drops another 40ft below ground and re-appears later on in the report...


Next up we headed further down stream through a vapoury pipe and then into a culverted section beyond, it was very stoopy and rocky but we soon made it through.




Ahead, I recognised where we were,


the fall infront was below this


and on the left the CSO lead to the system of sewerfresh we had previously looked at. Through the RCP we ended up in the Processor


the air quality wasn't great, and I had problems with the battery on the 4 gas on the way down :eek:

We both quickly climbed up and over the processor to the otherside to check out the turdstream and get a few shots which was somewhat awkward due to the amount of poop particles in the air.


"Ojay we need to get out, I feel dizzy"

"No worries I'm just gonna get a few more shots before we head out".

At this point S.L. was already up and halfway back across the processor when I turned round and was greeted with this


I started to feel faint and was feeling real strange all of a sudden, "Get me out of here" to which S.L. quickly jumped back down and gave me a shove out so I could quickly get back to the otherside and out.

Back into the vapoury pipe, and it was another 5 minutes before I started to feel 'normal' again, I guess thats what the 4 gas is for :rolleyes:


Anyway we headed down past Pipemare to take a look at the rest of the culvert, before heading back



Thanks for looking :thumb


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28DL Full Member
Awesome pics lads, glad you got out Ok no pics are worth losing your life for