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Report - Nanotechnology Research Centre - Sheffield - June 2014


Is this the future?
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The Nanotechnology Centre for PVD Research is a Sheffield Hallam University owned site, based in Sheffield. Although this particular site has closed, the department, along with much of their equipment, moved premises; presumably to a larger and more apt facility somewhere around their primary City Campus. The date of closure is currently unknown, although some sections of the site have seen been used as a temporary storage space since 2011. To describe the facilities function and purpose simply, the place specialised as a ‘surface coating centre’. For those who want a more comprehensive explanation, the Nanotechnology Centre is distinguished for its research and developments in relation to ‘nanoscale multilayer Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) coatings and for the development of the HIPIMS technique’. Fundamentally, this means that the centre could produce extremely strong thin films, each measured only as a few micrometers in thickness. As Sheffield Hallam University illustrate, these coatings can provide multi-functionality and are useful for a number of applications, functioning as a; hard wearing, strong, aesthetic, biomedical, corrosive and oxidative resistant material. Sheffield Hallam University are recognised as nanotechnology experts and have long since been partly financed by UK supported research projects and the European Community, through the European Regional Development Fund.

As we returned from an earlier explore we noticed a wide open access point and decided to investigate. Overall, the site is largely stripped, particularly the former teaching/seminar rooms, and it looks as though work is currently being undertaken to perhaps renovate the site – although, this is entirely assumptive. There are, however, a few interesting items that can be located, including security equipment with seemed to be turned on. While there was evidence of recent activity in the building, we failed to stumble across anyone; rather, the place eerily resembled a ghost facility.

1: Surface Coating Centre Plaque


2: Valves and Pipes


3: Hand Soap Dispenser


4: Kitchen - Last Night's Tea Party?


5: Old Seminar Room


6: Old Bioscience Equipment


7: More Old Bioscience Equipment


8: Large Workshop Area


9: Fork-Lift Vehicle


10: Research Machinery


11: Large Research Machine


12: Forgotten Computer


13: Vial of Strange Liquid and Unknown Item at the Bottom


14: Mini-Crane Rig


15: Crane-Cam - To Watch the Crane Outside


16: Crane Motor


17: Chains and Industrial Carabiners


18: Stairway Landing with Research Papers


19: Teaching Rooms Corridor


20: Old SHU Visitor Guide Leaflet



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28DL Full Member
In the 12th pic, it looks like that PC is still turned on, or is it just a strange trick of the light?


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28DL Full Member
Quite a bit of stuff in there that could fetch a few bob off the back of a lorry... guessing there must have been some kind of security around so a great opportunist find here. Nice one :thumb


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28DL Full Member
You'd be surprised how many places leave the power on. Water was off in here though.
Too true - especially if the MOD is concerned. Went for a little walk around RNSD Monks Park, shortly after closure. All the lights on, office fans running, air-condition blowers roaring away - just like the Marie Celeste, and very spooky.

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