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Report - Napsbury Asylum - Hertfordshire - February 2013


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I visited Napsbury on one freezing, snowy morning. Place is ruined and there is nothing really left there, only long never ending corridors. Roof is mostly gone, building looks sad and empty. I met Soylent Green while leaving - thank you for making me jump :).

Bit of history here (borrowed).
The hospital was designed for 1,205 residents, and the grounds were designed by William Goldring. Napsbury opened, following the construction of the numerous buildings and extensive grounds on June 3, in 1905.According to Middlesex County Record, the initial cost, including land and equipment, was £545,000, or £473 per bed. In 1908 Plumbe designed an extension to accommodate a further 600 patients.
During the First World War, Napsbury was used for and known as the County of Middlesex War Hospital, which tended for soldiers wounded at the Front. Following the war, the hospital was returned to its original purpose and, in the late 1920s a nurses home was also added to the site, further adding to the variety of different buildings and facilities at the site.
Although Napsbury suffered some bomb damaged in the Blitz, it was in continuous use as a hospital until its official closure in 1998. However, until at least 2002 one building was still in use for psychiatric patients. Due to its largely untouched parkland, Napsbury was listed by English Heritage as a Grade II Historic Park and Garden in 2001.

Some pictures here - corridors, corridors, corridors ..











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