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Report - National Westminster House - 103 Colmore Row - Birmingham - September 2015


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Ive been frequenting Birmingham for nearly 6 years now but if im honest this is the first high building in the city ive climbed. Theres not really been anything that interesting before in my opinion. Not anything easy, high and interesting anyway!

The Natwest Tower has always been a bit of target for us but its always been pretty well sealed up, some people have had permission tours in the past which showed a quite interesting interior with many dated features but alas we didn't get in quite soon enough for all that. There were some interesting left overs on the higher floors but its mostly stripped inside now. It was also interesting to find the basement was about 4-5 levels deep (formally part of the adjacent underground carpark), otherwise it was just a good view.

103 Colmore Row formerly known as National Westminster House is a building on Colmore Row, Birmingham, England. The building was designed by John Madin and was completed in October 1975 as offices and a banking hall for National Westminster Bank. After National Westminster Bank vacated the building it passed through several ownerships but failed to lease its offices. In 2008 a plan by then owners British Land to demolish the tower and replace with a taller modern equivalent was approved. This plan never progressed and the building is now owned by the developer Sterling Property Ventures who applied to have the building demolished in January 2015.
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nice! Id love to have No6 photo on a 4ft :thumb canvas in my living room. spot on that mate. cheers

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