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Report - Navigation of the river Hull...


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Well, after it's maiden voyage on the river Rother, "Newbourne 8" waschomping at the bit to get out on a real navigable waterway. As both myself and Harry have fond connections with the city of Kingston Upon Hull, we chose the river Hull...

The river Hull is a great river, firstly for it's size, and secondly as it is peppered with industry right on it's banks. You may have seen reports from Rank Hovis, British Extracting, Holiday Pigments, Spiller's and other mills along it's banks.

The first night we set off from just outside Beverley to the outskirts of Hull, when the rapidly lowering tides forced a landing. The following day at high tide we finished the river off to it's meeting point with the Humber...

Thoroughy amazing way to spend a day, and great to have ticked off another great british river. I also did two mini explores by just stepping out of the boat, prooving "Newbourne 8" is earning her keep!














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^ha. that bridge is a listed structure but they couldnt afford/justify repairing it so its now welded permanently open, great shot of it though, definitely a new angle on some of the Hull sites there. I saw the video on Turkeys phone the boat looks lots of fun indeed combined with perfect weather and tide for it great stuff.


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Fooking magnificant right there! You could have said something about the river rother. Thats like 10 miles from my house! I'd have wanted to see it. It looks similar to my narrow boat holiday on the hull. Except mine was rural sowerby bridge on a 22 ton steel boat. Best 400 quid spent lately. I'll be going on another one this year. But from nearer selby or york.


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ha ha

how to have fun in hull, with an outboard and a bathtub !

good skills


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Great stuff, Hull from an angle I never seen before and I lived here 34 long years.
Now I need to convince Her Indoors we need a boat to keep 3 motorbikes and 2 cars company! :thumb


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dweeb you are the king, but i curse you for doing it before i did! I'd just blagged myself the use of an semi-rigid inflatable boat to do EXACTLY this!

that shot of the bridge is excellent, what the heck kind of lens are you using for that?


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10mm sigma ^^^

Mint usage. I can see how, boats help out getting places MUCH quicker and with less stress. Sec defo don't expect 3 southerners in a small plastic boat invading them :p

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