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Report - NCB Walkden Yard, Manchester, August 1970


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Within the Lancashire coalfield, amalgamations produced large coal mining companies, one of which was the Manchester Collieries. Working many pits to the north and west of Manchester, it established a large workshop in the district of Walkden. This overhauled colliery equipment, also locomotives for shunting pitheads and working their own 'main line' that connected important pits.
To service the 'main line' a locomotive running shed and sidings were also constructed. As the industry contracted in the 1960's, so did the rail system. As the NCB Central Workshops, North Western Area, overhauls continued on locomotives, mostly diesels. Steam still worked the remains of the 'main line', due to the gradients, but all that was left was some modern 'Austerity' saddle tank engines.
When visited one Sunday afternoon, there was just one working engine left, "Stanley". A lot of salvaged mining gear (and junk) filled the yard and the end seemed to be in sight. Any workable steam engines ended up at Ladysmith in Cumbria, where they were literally thrashed to death at the colliery!
I managed these pics before a guy appeared, let me take my shot, and then showed me the official exit.


The Shed Yard


Stanley sleeps until Monday


Arty oil can pic


Awaiting scrapping outside


Another one to be bean cans! plus security man


Part of the yard, including bits of a hapless steam loco!

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