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Report - Necton Diner, Norfolk January 2018


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Hey guys,

New to the forum so I hope this is in the right section etc.

I have recently had an explore of the Necton diner. This one as many will know is located at the side of the A47 at Necton, near Dereham Norfolk. This has been closed since about 2010 and since some of the earlier reports seen for the place which was in perfect condition inside has since been spoiled by vandals. There has been planning for homes to be built on the site. As yet I do not think anything has solidly been put in place.
Access to the site is very easy. I parked on the park that is down the road to the left hand side as you face the building. Access is easy, can then just walk on site past the old petrol station and one of the taller windows at the front of the diner has been broken by vandals. The station itself is boarded up and as I am not one for further damaging what has already been damaged I could not photograph much of this.
Inside the diner is destroyed, with everything thrown everywhere. EVERY window has been broken so the glass littering the floor was quite a risk but I was fine in just trainers. I didn't venture upstairs however as the ceiling did look in a state of disrepair although I know this has not put others off before. There is perhaps evidence of squatters using the place as there were dirty clothes around but the place was completely deserted. I did however see some staff from the garage opposite, however they didn't say a single word, perhaps seeing that we were taking photographs and not causing a nuisance.
As it was rather late on the impromtu passing with my girlfriend there are not many photo's inside as it was rather dark and using our phones for light inside. Pictures below :D


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