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Need help with a dolly


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28DL Full Member

Don't know if anybody can help. I'm planning on filming some gymnasts tumbling at a family members club with a dslr and the safest way to do this is with a dolly. However I'm worried that with it being a soft sprung floor that the vibrations of them running will transfer into the dolly and shake the footage. What do you thing would be the best way of doing this for the smoothest footage. The camera needs to be at close to ground level and smooth for about a 10m run. Would a dolly be best or would a mount on an extendable pole be better.

I will also be using GoPro footage to make the videos. What's the best way of dampening the vibrations for both.

My other option is a gimbal but they are very expensive so would rather not.

Pics below for reference








28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I'd say a dolly but defo with track. If the ballast under the track is weighty enough (a few sand bags will help loads) you should get away with it.
Thanks I will give it a try. Unfortunately can't find one with a track so may need to get creative lol.

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