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Neewer video light - Review


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Thought I would share with you guys a review of a really great product I recently bought.


If your not familiar, Neewer are as far as I know a Chinese brand. I have bought flash guns, wireless triggers, lighting equipment, soft boxes from them in the past because they are cheap.

I have NEVER been disappointed. They make some great products for photographers and videographers on a budget. You only need to take a look at the reels of youtube reviews to know that they are good and people like them. A lot of makeup artists have recently taken to purchasing the Neewer ring lights to use in videos as well as for when they are doing makeup on people. My sister just bought herself one for her makeup and she loves it/.

Anyway, I have done enough plugging. I will get back to the lights I just bought.

For 2 lights and 2 tripods its £46.99. I payed a bit extra and spent a total of £71 because I also bought the rechargeable Sony batteries and charger. These lights will run off 6 AA batteries but I felt the rechargeable batteries would be the better option in the long run. I think the lights run brighter on the rechargeable too but that might just be me.

The tripods that come with them are small, knee height at best but they are cool and I feel still quite useful as I have a lot of larger tripods anyway but these ones are much more portable and will come in handy especially for any urbex photography.

I used them outside last night and got some great light out of them.

I totally recommend these.


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Your not wrong there, i have 2 of these and i must admit ive not been disappointed!


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Had one of these for ages. Apart from eating through batteries at a mammoth rate it works well for light painting.

Also survived some hefty falls and impacts.


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I use two of these on both setups I use for filming skateboarding and it's been pretty decent for the year I've had mine now, they have survived a few gnarly slams where it flew off and bounced along the floor!

Much better than the dinky 140 LED light I had for a number of years in terms of lighting and general reliability.

If you can, buy the bigger Sony NP batteries (NP970-80 IIRC). They should hopefully do better than the usual ones, albeit a bit heavier! They seem to be made by a non-brand company, but in my experience in using them in my older VX21 they were fine enough.

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