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Only just jumped on the 28DL wagon, but have been seshing this tower for years.
A sentimental building for me and the homies that doesn't get much exploring (I would suspect by grace of its incredibly inconspicuous covert entry point and immensely conspicuous city centre setting), Nestle is not so much about the view as it is about being an exclusive playground in a brutalist and corporate dominated cityscape.
Thought I'd exhibit the best it has to offer to this forum.
For a further resource on and more stories from the building, please refer to

Nuances of the building, despite its interior stripped and barebones, are plentiful.
An experience of two halves, neither Nestle's upper floors or subterranean labyrinths seem to change throughout the years. By law the building must be securitized by its owners (currently a Chinese firm) as the lights on the roof are contractually obligated to remain working. A localized ecosystem, the "aviary" on the 22nd floor is a place where one can witness the slow decay of organic matter within a mostly sterile environment. An ajar window on the 9th floor has been slamming in the wind likely for over 5 years now and still hasn't cracked. Paving slabs also litter the aviary, and our piles of makeshift campfire chairs have fortunately not been shifted since our first visit. The building has become a bit of a leaky bucket and frequently builds up with puddles in various locations after some sustained rain.
If anyone is interested to get to know some low-key and undiscussed Croydon spots, don't hesitate to get in touch.



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Nice, my old dear used to work here, her ever lasting memory of the place is watchng a suicide jumper fly past her window.
Ah wow that's amazing. Must not have been a nice day :/
Does she have any more stories or photos from when she worked there? I'd honestly love to hear or see them all, I'm obsessed with this building.


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Nice one mate, I'm going to go check this out tonight maybe.
Good luck but tread very lightly mate, security is hot right now and they're very very close to catching on to the way in. Also if you get in and make it to the 5th floor in the stairwell, cross over because the north side stairwell is lit up and it's super obvious at night, south stairwell provides cover of darkness.

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