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Report - Nettleham Hall, Lincolnshire, May 2015


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Nettleham hall burnt down around 1937 due to mysterious circumstances.

It is really quite difficult to find any solid history on this place further than that, what I have found out is that it's a Grade 1 listed building that was 'lost' for a little while as people presumed that it had been totally destroyed.

The iron gates to the property were once the entrance to the churchyard at St. Peter-at-Arches, Lincoln, and were relocated when the church was demolished. Also Grade I listed this gate was built circa 1720.

Nettleham hall burnt down around 1937 in mysterious circumstances.

All that stands now are ruins completely taken over by by nature, it has the feel of something you'd find in a tomb raider game. They do seem slightly out of place in the middle of acres of Lincolnshire farm land.













So I re-edited my shots here, hope these are slightly better than my oversaturated originals :p
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If you liked the colours of the place so much why then HDR them in to oblivion. Don't quite understand....

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Saturated more than HDRd I'd say. Anyway, OP is going to tone it down in future, be nice...


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I didn't shoot this specifically with this sites hatred of HDR in mind. I'm a photographer and I use my work for a lot more than just this. What I was shooting here wasn't purely for the documentary value. Plus for a small site that's got a a load of reports already what would be the point in posting the same neutral images that everyone else has?

I'm not disagreeing with the fact that I mishandled the post production of the images here but either way, I'm toning it down in the future so I don't rub anyone up the wrong way ;)

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