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Information - Nettleton Ironstone Mine (Bottom) September 2015


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After quite a considerable hike to find the mines through a herd of angry cows we came across them, unfortunately more of a tomb than anything as they are of course sealed tight and there is no way in without seismic force. (Although i have found a possible 50/50 way which if you desire message me).

A map of the mines in their entirety.


The possible entry tunnel.

I cannot confirm that this is an access point nor do i condone dangerous actions to find out, I have not descended myself into the tunnel as i was not in the position to at that time.
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I love the Nettleton mines, spend a lot of time round there, where was the bottom photo taken? Not seen that entry before...

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I Think its below the east side of the embankment, it must be drainage from the transport tunnels. I Wouldn't advise going up it, probably wouldn't go anywhere.

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