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Report - -New Barn Farm - Belper - April 2017


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So I went on an Easter Holiday with the family, only to discover that I was 8 miles away from the House of The Damned/New Barn Farm, so it was a sort of no-brainer to go and visit, as it had been on my to-do list for quite a while, but as I live in Warwickshire, it was a fair distance to travel.

I'll be honest, I was expecting greater things from this house due to it's past reports being so good, but it actually wasn't as good as I expected. To start with, ALL of the standing furniture (like sofas, food, drinks, chairs etc) was gone, and all that remained were the inbuilt cookers. It was a nice peaceful walk around, but I definitely wouldn't spend the time getting here if you life a far distance away from it.

So this is the view from an outside window of the Kitchen. As you can see, it's fairly bare, but still made for some good photos.

This is the view of the kitchen from inside. I apologise in advance for some non-level shots. My tripod was in a bit of a state, but I couldn't buy a new one anywhere near where I was.

Fairly simple store cupboard, but there would probably have been some food left in here when previous explorers came.

Disappointing bedroom, I was hoping that there would be more than just empty rooms on the second floor, but afraid not.

Other bedroom on the second floor. Those are the only two rooms that up here, and they're somehow more stripped than the downstairs.

This is part of the second bedroom, and I was surprised to find some graffiti in here. It was the only room that had any, but the building is in quite an obscure locations, so it's surprising that Britain's Finest found their way up here.

The rope was presumably made by the people who made the graffiti, but note that someone obviously tried to get up into the attic.

The outside of all the buildings in the square except the actual house. Got to add in a bit of Clarity as well ;)

Front of the house that actually overlooks fields rather than the square of the farm.

Steps up to a barn area.

This is the inside of the building that the steps above lead to. As toy can see, the floor is totally unsafe, and has sunk right through.

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