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Report - New Barn Farm, Derbyshire, Oct 2016


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New Barn Farm lies about half a mile SW of Alderwasley.
It has 97 acres on the Alderwasley estate, then owned by the HURT family. In 1905 it was owned by Albert Hurt (1835-1907) of Alderwasley Hall, in 1912 by Francis Hurt (1878-1930)

John's father Thomas took over Hankins farm from the WILMOT family around 1865, and John was raised there. New Barn farm may have been built about 1875, and Thomas (John's elder brother) took it over. Thomas jnr then moved to Berry Hill farm, Alderwasley, and John Sandar was running New Barn farm from 1888 (when he married)

The farm became known as The House of The Damned due to a news paper article​



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I'm convinced this place is a set up, always seems to be new 'relics' turning up on there..

Good report though fella :thumb

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