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Hi, been viewing this site for at least two years and am developing as a photographer, hopefully soon be embarking on my 1st urbex. Was informed by my brother in law recently about a nightclub under the fairground in new brighton (he did a forigner for the owner). This place also has access to filled in tunnels leading to fort perch rock. Apparently the owner showed him about the place and, according to him, apart from some stuff in storage its as if the place just had the lights turned off and never opened again. So i guess im asking is anyone aware of the place?


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Likewise aware but never been, there's plenty of people been in them though as far as I'm aware. I'd be up for seeing them.


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The owner used to let you down if you asked, there is a video on youtube of a tour of it. Also there is talk of it opening as a club again


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I think you're thinking of the New Palace site - has large cellars but they don't connect to any other sites

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Tunnels to perch rock would be nigh impossible in the sands and the only other tunnels were at rockvilla in wellington road and old motherRedcaps the once smugglers inn that is now a nursing home.