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New Bristol Based Sound Explorer


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Hey Guys,

Just like to introduce myself; my names James and I'm a Bristol based sound engineer. Been following the website for a while and admiring many of the amazing pictures and stories, but thought it's time that I finally set up a profile myself, to join the community and start exploring.

Unlike most my artistic medium of choice is sound, I'm a huge fan of soundscape and ambient music/recordings. It's, for this reason I'm looking to explore some of these hauntingly beautiful places myself and to document the experiences using audio, which I'm hoping to upload in the form of ambient soundscapes and music.

As I'm new to the scene; any locations (ideally in the South West, Bristol Area) would be much appreciated. Also obviously due to the fact that the nature of my work will often require elements of sound, locations that allow access, or at least aren't guarded would be ideal.

I'm also currently working solo and if anyone is interested in looking for an exploring partner feel free to hit me up, adding visuals to the audio could definitely be an exciting idea.

Look forward to getting involved and any messages/, thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be highly appreciated.



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I read 'sound explorer' in a completely different way than intended at first :rolleyes:

Welcome on board mate, a few of us around Bristol still doing things regularly. Drop me a message if you fancy a pint or something sometime!

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