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Report - New Court - Nov 2009 to Jan 2010 - London


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Visited a number of times with JackF, Kevin Arnold and Forsaken (though not all at once).

The first visit was unplanned, we'd been planning on doing another high place in the city but for one reason or another we were put off from doing it that night and instead we found our way to New Court. At that time, they were a couple of floors off from topping out.

As soon as we get to the top we hear an alarm going off, hmmm, thought that was a bit too easy! "*muffled* leave the building immediately!".


But it turns out to be a fire alarm going off at a nearby club, it was that easy after all :)

Unfinished floors

(Pic courtesy of JackF http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?p=552297#post552297)

Looking north towards the city.

South-west towards Kings Reach Tower and the eye, Tate Modern and NEO on the left, Temple Court bottom right.

I enjoyed the Tower 42, Heron and 100MX alignment:

Building at full height now and it's time to climb (camera remote control :))...

Looking to the other part of the city now, the LLoyds building in the middle sided by the Gherkin and the Willis building.

Tower Bridge and The Monument.:

On the final visit the people in this building decided to have some fireworks.

They were good fireworks too and pretty damn loud. We were probably closer to them than the people for whose benefit they were. The fireworks exploding more or less level with where we were and the sounds echoing off all the tall buildings was another unique experience.

Of course, they weren't as good as the fireworks we actually came for...

Another few top nights out and a great way to see in the new year. Cheers to all.
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