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Report - New Cumnock ROC Post - Ayrshire - January 2015


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1991 Closure. We were the first people inside the post for a very long time.

Shortly after Stand Down, local kids broke into the post. In an attempt to secure it, the farmer who owns the land wrapped the lid in barbed wire, hammered bits of metal to the lid and then dumped a load of shit on top of it! Not even Subbritt got inside.

A quick chat with the farmer and he was more than happy to cut off the barbed wire so we could look inside. He also let me take some of the paperwork for my own post restoration. We helped him seal it up again afterwards, but if anyone is planning a visit then It would be polite to knock at the big blue and white house - hes a nice guy.

Not too bad inside, a bit messy but a fair bit left in situ.

Unfortunately camera malfunction means no photos of the security system on the lid!



Toilet door opens outwards.



Krypton :)


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The paperwork was dried and sorted out, the majority of it was sent up to 28 Group Museum in Dundee for their archives as I'd prefer it to stay in scotland.

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