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Report - New Dock Fish Curers (Albatross & Tusk), Fleetwood – June 2012

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New Dock Fish Curers (Albatross & Tusk), Fleetwood – June 2012


History (well not really!)

There is little or no history of this building, it has been visited many times over the years by poor urban explorers who for god knows what reason ended up in Fleetwood!

The only thing I found of interest was someone said it had a connection with a lost experimental album by Fleetwood Mac; I very much doubt this as the only time this is quoted is in that 1 report. Mick Fleetwood was born in Redruth, Cornwall and Peter Green was born in Bethnal Green, London. The bands name came from Peter Green combining the surnames of two of his former bandmates (Fleetwood, McVie) John McVie came from Ealing, which is also London. (I did try and find a link)

Well here’s a bit of history on Fleetwood; it’s a town within the Wyre district of Lancashire, England, lying at the northwest corner of the Fylde. It forms part of the Greater Blackpool conurbation.

The town was the first planned community of the Victorian era. For most of the 20th century, Fleetwood was a prominent deep-sea fishing port, but, since the 1970s, the fishing industry has declined precipitously and the town has undergone economic difficulties. Fleetwood is also a seaside resort, serving as a quiet contrast to nearby Blackpool.

My Visit

I found myself stuck in Fleetwood for a week; even after a couple of nights researching before heading here; I had only come up with a couple of possible locations but no addresses. Thankfully the town is not too large and soon found this place, it soon became apparent that as well as the many explorers who have passed through it is also used by the local youth.


Image 1 – Due to some overpaid primadonnas kicking an inflated pigs bladder wrapped in leather around a grassy rectangle; the streets of Fleetwood were nice and quiet.


Image 2 – It soon became apparent that the building was pure derp, trashed over the years by local youth and metal thiefs.


Image 3 – The main interesting feature was the central stair well.


Image 4 – That interesting I took another photo!


Image 5 – And another :D


Image 6 – The local hang out area at the top of the stairs.


Image 7 – Another feature was a wall where a collage of news paper cutting had been stuck (naked pictures drew my attention; but couldn’t be arsed in the end).


Image 8 – A bit of artwork on the upper floor.


Image 9 – I’m sure it must have been a grand building at some time!


Image 10 – Upper floor of the building opposite the main building, this was originally brick filled between the concrete floor slabs, not sure when the walls were removed?


The local youth soon started turning up, so packed up and left. Think I’d seen the best bits anyway.

Image 11 – At least my car was where I left it on my return :D I parked it somewhere safe as it looked a dodgy area.


B&W just because it was overcast and not too much colour inside the buildings.

Not too bad if stuck in Fleetwood, it took me 3 nights to find out where and how to access the next Fleetwood attraction as well as attempting a nearby slightly higher structure since I was in the neighbourhood.


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