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Joseph Cl;eary

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hey Guys, I'm a fairly new user and have purchased myself a Canon 700D I'm based in manchester and would like some places to visit I have done 'Gorton Falls' As it is known. I might revisit with my camera...

But any suggestions on some exploring?

Camelot is a future visit as well as the some aslums etc?


28DL Colonial Member
28DL Full Member
Howdy do!
In lieu of the FAQs section (which are AWOL at this moment), I'll usually post this canned text to explain some "basics" of the forum for the newbie ...
Firstly, Welcome aboard ! Secondly, you need to establish a presence on here by either posting a report (no matter how derppy or shite it is) or replied to a few posts, chatted up the chat box, etc ... So you'll probably won't get too much of a response, the reason being is that this is a public forum, viewed by any body. Polica, Secca, Site owners and a host of other nefarious characters just looking to roust a explorer for whatever they can rip off. Sites being updated at this moment, FAQs are in Limbo at this time (correct me if I'm wrong, anybody), People not trying to be nasty, just being cautious. (a good urban exploring trait ... at least to start with! ;) ) so ram about, check things up , get a feel of the place & get to know your new bestest fiend (o_O , meant "friend",must be my subconscious leaking out again:brew ) ... the ... SEARCH BOX . Get involved & the explores will come to you, so to speak. After a while & some activity on here, you'll have your membership status upgraded & find a wonderful tab called "locations". Might pick up an idea or two, me thinks ;) ... Again, just some kindly advice, if there was a FAQ section you'd basically read the same stuff . Carry on ...(Oh, having skin as thick as a bull rhino helps, too! :thumb )

Got any reports? :popcorn post them suckers up, quickest way to establish a bit of 'cred. :D

Joseph Cl;eary

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hey guys thanks for the sarcasim I like it already. I'll get back down to Gorton Falls sooner or later! maybe when its a bit warmer it was freezing last time... Thanks for the info!

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