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New Explorer! Big map to complete!


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28DL Full Member
Hola guys, so I'm new to reporting and also pretty new to exploring too. Saw a couple of buildings while driving on my travels and decided from the enjoyment of exploring them to plan a roadtrip to Scotland and hit some places up there. I'll be posting reports to show what I found, apologies if any of them seem to duplicate other reports done on here- not to copy, they all just inspired the explore!

Usually based in Durham, North East UK, but travel up and down the country no problem. When I'm not on a wander, I'm making music, so it's a good outlet.

Some of the reports to upload are:
- A Scottish Primary School
- Tillydrine House
- Bennetston Hall
- Royal Alexandra Infirmary
- Thornseat Lodge
- Cheadle Royal Infirmary
- Birkwood Castle
- St Peters Seminary
- Hartwood Hospital
- Bennetston Hall Coach House
- Gartloch Hospital
- Dobroyd Mills

If anyone wants any advice on locations I'd be happy to help, any advice on how to lay out a good report would also be cool.

PS- My reports wont include photos of my wonderful self i'm afraid, this is just an introduction.
I'm also no A-Grade photographer, I just like to document the fact I left my room and found something worth sharing.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy :)
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Welcome to 28DL, look forward to seeing your reports :thumb

As Oort says, but also good to have a look at how other people have done their reports as an idea, no fixed format but nice to have some history and a bit about the explore without giving access details; rather than just dumping a load of photos.

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