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New explorer from Hampshire!


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Hi everyone! :cool:
New explorer and a complete beginner here from northern Hampshire, close to Aldershot. Been wanting to get into exploration for a long time (Been reading 28 on and off for about a year) but it's taken me this long to pluck up the courage to sign up! :oops:

I've always had an interest in old and abandoned places, particularly industrial sites and those to do with transportation and communications. I absolutely love subterranea, though underground places and those without easy access/visit permissions can be a challenge for me for reasons I'll come to.

One of the things I'm hoping to achieve through exploration is breaking some rather bad programming that holds me back a lot (Disability, sheltered upbringing, 150% compliance with law, yadda yadda) and has made exploration impossible for me in practice, even if I've been wanting to get into it for over a decade. Think of Kryten from Red Dwarf and you'll have a rough idea of what I'm getting at.

I'm also hoping that exploration might help me to develop (scuse the pun) better photography skills. I'm a total beginner in this area too, and in all honesty I barely know how to handle a smartphone camera let alone anything more advanced - My usual approach is to take 100+ photos in the hope of getting a few good ones. At present I want to see if photography is something I can really get into with the equipment and software I already have before I go headlong into a full kit-up, given proper kit is pretty expensive and I'm a man of very limited resources.

I've already gone out to explore one location close by and have a report drafted up, but I fear the photos/my editing aren't up to standard for the forum as they stand. Thankfully I'm a stickler for keeping the originals and editing copies, so it's possible for me to go back to the originals and have another go! :thumb
(One of the originals turned out much better than my attempted edit. I've attached it as an example of the best my ability gets, though I admit this shot was composed of 100% good luck and 0% skill.)
Behind the Wire (1024px)

I have explored a few places in the past before I became aware of UE as a hobby - Including the Biddles press in Guildford (Long since demolished) plus a couple of places around Aldershot and London many years back. I already have my eye on a few locations around, and with a bit of luck I might be able to get out to have a look and post some reports before too long.
Sadly I've also missed out on a lot of good places over the years. There used to be an infamous/well regarded one within walking distance of mine and I'm still kicking myself for never having the bottle to check it out!

Anyhow, that's me in a few paragraphs. I'm an absolute chatterbox offline as well as online so AIA if my posts prove to be a bit on the long side. I also have no web access at home, so I'll probably be a bit slow to pick up replies/DMs/etc.

Looking forward to meeting everyone here virtually in the beginning, and hopefully - Once the pandemic is finally under control - Maybe in person too! :cool:


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Welcome to the site!

Have a read of the following link to help you get a feel of the site and how things work:

And have a read of this guide to help you posting a report:

There’s tonnes out there, use the search box to your aid and you may even find something in your area!

I look forward to seeing some pictures and reports soon! Just shout if you have any questions!


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Welcome buddy I'm Tony, I assume you mean Cambridge military hospital that's almost developed now?

I'm pretty local to you (Guildford) there is quite a few places in aldershot that would allways be great little starting places and with a good mind you would be able to get some pretty cool shots. Lots on the military sites but don't step on the military ground unless you don't mind the mpgs chasing you


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Welcome to 28DL

Good to see an introduction rather than the usual single line.

So, you don't think your photography is good enough? This isn't a photography bulletin board and as long as you follow some simple guidelines your photos WILL be good enough:
1) have enough light for your subject (after all, a photograph is about capturing light)
2) Don't use pointless software gizmos like HDR presets (HDR has it's place but it's usually subtle and difficult to see)
3) keep verticals and horizontals correct (jaunty angles usually equate to laziness and 'snapping')

You say 'proper kit' is expensive. This need not be true. Yes you need to use the correct too for the job...a hammer won't produce good photos now matter how hard you try
Most of the photographic equipment is the cheapest part because you already have it...your eyes and your brain. The hardware doesn't ned to the latest 90megapixel mirrorless toy with 12K video and coffee maker released a week ago. pretty much ANY digital or wet-film SLR will do the job as long as you can see the image. Smartphone cameras are fine (but beware the lazy snapping) as are compact cameras....... yes ANY camera will do.

This is for the most part a friendly bulletin board with a huge wealth of material you can use for reference as well as people interested/experienced in just about everything you could think of.
If you have questions, after reading the sticky posts linked earlier, then ask them. Many of us enjoy seeing people develop and find their place in the hobby as much as we enjoy reading reports


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Love the Kryten reference, and welcome along, when i started at the tender age of 40 , i had a nokia mobile phone, i did a few explores and even posted reports with said phone, one or two locations were underground and i soon realised the phones of 2010 just didnt cut it, a entry level sony dslr, listenign to friends and a lot of luck got me to were i am with photography these days, fortunantly none of those reports are on this forum, so no one can go point and laugh.. Plenty of genuinely helpful folk on here can point you in the right direction

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