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New, from Preston, Lancashire


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28DL Member
HelLo just introducing myself..
I’m 28, from Preston.
Hopefully I will get to know some of you locals!

little_ boy_explores

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Regular User
Welcome to 28DL!
Lots around Preston, and near by areas...

Here Is a link to get you started :thumb

And when your ready to upload your first report here is a good guide:

Enjoy :)


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28DL Member

Newbie here also! Only been in the NW a few years. I live in Southport, but was in North Wales previously, so I’m now a Preston neighbour I guess Is everyone new to the world of Urbex? It’s something I’ve been interested in for the longest time, which I’d imagine I’d like most of us, but have only followed people’s journey’s blogs/vlogs etc. I am definitely looking to take the plunge into it as a hobby.


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28DL Member
Also Preston! If anyone ever fancies a link up to do some local exploring I’m more than game! Finally signed up to this website after years of being nosey. Would be good to meet some of you lot!

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