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New guy


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Hey I'm Anthony 37 . Full time Photographer .. looking to get out and explore the northwest. If any one knows any places in Chorley apart from Camelot please comment .. sorry for being a bit blunt didnt know what to write


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Hi and welcome, if yo're new to the UE scene then have a read of this thread as it'll let you know how things work around here and help you to avoid some of the usual pitfalls newbies make.


What sort of stuff do you like to explore? Topside/underground/factories/asylums etc. etc. we can't really help if we dont know what you're into. If you've already been to a few places get a report up as we like to see a little participation before we start giving out locations (all covered in the thread I linked).

If youre really stuck for somewhere to go, Im sure someone will be along in a bit with a couple of walk ins you can go to for the sake of getting a first report up.


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Welcome to the site

It's considered bad form to ask on the open forum for locations, the best bet is to use the search box in the top corner and once you've posted a few reports ask for assistance via pm

Camelol has been shit for years, St. Joes is nearby


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Hi thank you for the reply .. I often go places like old mills estate houses but wanna try the more extreme stuff and start underground exploring I'm planning a trip to Scotland over next few week to abandoned farm