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New here; living in Leeds, from Liverpool area


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I’m new here, I’m 20, and currently living in Leeds, near the city centre!

I’ve not explored before but have a keen fascination on seeing buildings frozen in time, or anything that nature has started to reclaim. I enjoy learning the history of buildings and their purposes in yesteryear and the hay day of their time.

I’m keen to explore most places to determine what it is I really enjoy seeing but it’s mostly houses, military places, hospitals and buildings with dark histories that fascinate me the most!

Will be keen to upload any explores I do!

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated - I’ve read the new comer threads and the dos and don’ts



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Sounds like you've got a decent attitude. I'm not sure what's about in Leeds these days except for this that popped up the other day - https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/leeds-girls-school-leeds-june-2019.119149/. The search bar is useful to see what else is in your area. There's always new stuff to be discovered as well if you're prepared to do some research online
Cheers!! That looks pretty cool tbf, unsure if it’s still there though so will give it a look!

In between work and uni, I’ve been looking for places and coming up short but hopefully I can find something out!


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Welcome to 28DL and the hobby.

You've started the right way with some research...now to hone your skills and get out there. as The_Raw says, there is always new stuff to be found...there are always details to found and added from other places too. A different perspective, a part from a time not mentioned.

Have fun and stay safe.

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Sounds very promising will be looking falward to your pots best of luck out their, research is always the key I find ,spend atleast 5x the amount of time doing this in my area Than actually getting out !

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