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New member from Wiltshire saying Hi !


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28DL Full Member
Hi all, my names TheJungleBeast , from Wiltshire, I enjoy exploring mines and caves, though am fairly new at it, maybe 3 years now, have explored Bethel quarry, part of Browns Folly mines ( need a map before I explore more of it ), explored Balls green mines near Nailsworth and any other easy access, but not too complicated mines
I also enjoy exploring old military places, whether it's air fields or factorys/storage places, anything that is interesting basically, the most interesting place I have been to so far is The Anechoic Chamber at Pyestock.


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Welcome to 28DL.
Plenty of active members around Wiltshire, especially with a fondness for caves & mines ;)

If you haven't read the newbies guide it's full of useful information to help people find their way around the bulletin board

As you've already been to quite a few places get a few reports up - doesn't have to be anything fancy, just follow the basic guidelines (and there's a sticky post to help with that too).

If you do have any questions about the way things work round here then feel free to ask.

Looking forward to seeing your future posts

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