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New Members 'Do's and Dont's' - Read this before posting!

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Safety is paramount!
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@Hyde Go to the relevant section on the home page (Industry, Underground, High Stuff etc). On the top right is a blue box saying Post Thread, just click that and create your report.
It needs the site name, location (Nearest Town/City) and month and year of the explore in the title. Select Report from the Prefix box.
Photos you can either add links from Flickr or similar 3rd party hosting sites or just upload directly to 28DL using the attach files at the bottom of the page.
Report structure is up to you, but always good to have some history of the site and a bit about your explore. Just don't mention access details either in the text or shown in a photograph.
As has been said you don't need to post lots of photos, pick ones which show the place off well, no need to show something from 10 different angles and we've all seen light switches and toilets before. External photo is nice.
There's plenty of reports on here so you can see how other people have structured theirs.
Look forward to seeing your first report :thumb

GP the expo

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Thank you for pointing out the rules. Common sense realy. It would only clog up the threads with un necessary stuff. Also sharing is caring.

Theo prince 96

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28DL Member
does this sound like a good intoduction or does it give away to much about the security

After countless visits to denbigh in the past I finally remember to bring my camera with me , visited on the 13 of july 2019. Sadly this time security has been upped quite a bit so only managed to get external shots
security is now a security booth and 24 hour CCTV ,also steel fencing all the way round the outside perimetre including the footpath that goes round the back of the property , also solid steel fencing round the front of the main building
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