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New/old member from Cardiff

Dai Llewellyn

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28DL Member
Hi all, been. Member for a while, browsing the forums and admiring all of the hard work put in by you guys. Originally from Port Talbot, now living in Cardiff. Finally decided to go exploring myself, having previously ran a paranormal group and spent a fair amount of time in run down and derelict buildings, which were what lead me to the paranormal thing to begin with.

Annoyingly the only local places ive been able to find in Cardiff, the Llandaff sub control bunker, and Whitchurch asylum are both sealed tight! Did notice while checking whitchurch, a small house towards what im guessing was the back entrance to the car park (which i was able to get into). The house is mostly boarded up with a small window put through on the side. Wasnt able to get a proper look as it was midday and the locals were eyeballing me. If anyone has any info on his house please let me know, or feel free to get in touch if your looking for someone to explore with I'm always game!

Look forward to meeting some of you in the, hopefully, not too distant future


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Hi and welcome along. Just a heads up that the paranormal scene doesn’t go down too well around here. By all means post up all things abandoned etc but leave out the paranormal dialogue!

have a read of these threads to bring you up to speed on the general housekeeping rules of the forum and report posting:
Any general exploring, non-location related questions then do ask

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