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Report - New Scotland Yard, London - November 2016

mockney reject

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Haha cheers mate. Credit where credit is due though, there were a few reports up before mine from @mockney reject , @slayaaaa and @WildBoyz. I just got round a bit more of the place as I'm a bit more local :thumb

Only because you couldn't come out to play that night lol

And in all fairness we picked the wettest night since Noah built the Ark to do it in lol


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Must have been weird as a police force to be leaving the building in the hands of some apartment developers, perhaps even a bit emotional writing that message on the wall.

Awesome report mate, looking forward to the next one


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Thinking about coming here, is the way in fairly straight forward/ any security around the building?
It's being demod. I have never seen so much buzz. probably about 100 blokes on site. I doff my hat to the explorer that gets in here
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