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Report - New Theatre Oxford rooftop - May 2012


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I've known about access to this rooftop for a while, but only chose to use it over the weekend when I had nothing else to do.

Located on George Street, it's one of the highest rooftops around this area that is accessible. It gave a good view of the skyline of Oxford, and down onto people having a good time out and about in the night life.

Little bit of history taken from Wikipedia:

The New Theatre Oxford (known, for a period, as the Apollo Theatre Oxford or simply The Apollo from 1977–2003) is the main commercial theatre in Oxford, England and has a capacity of 1,800 people.
The first "New Theatre" on this site opened in 1836 and presented music hall entertainment. This was replaced in 1886, by new premises, which were the home of Oxford University Dramatic Society.
The present building dates from 1933 and was designed by Milburn Brothers with an art deco interior by T.P. Bennet and Sons.[1] The colour scheme was originally in shades of deep brown with gilt friezes but in later years (circa 1980?) a multi-colour scheme was introduced, which did not reflect the original design.






I took quite a few photos whilst I was up there, but these were the best. Quite a nice place to just relax when you have nothing else to do, I plan to go up there again at some point. Any feedback is welcome.

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