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New to London and this whole thing


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28DL Member
Hi everyone, I'm completely new here in this whole urban exploring thing. Not going to lie to you guys, yes I have seen Ally Law and yes he did get me interested (I can imagine many people arent that big a fan of him ahah). I just started uni at UCL and am in halls near there. I've climbed a few roofs and stuff before but nothing huge and havent got any pics or anything unfortunately. My main goal is to find somewhere with a nice view nearby so I can have my zoots in peace, it's getting bare sketchy smoking in my room (90% sure the warden is on to me and just hasn't caught me yet) and theres a police station near mine so always loads of police down at ground level. Failing that I just wanna see whats happening, seems like everyone who does this sort of thing falls in love with it and I reckon I will end up loving it too.
I'm not asking for any spots or anything cause I know that's not how it works, but I'd love any tips/stuff to look out for/what not to do?
I'll hopefully find some shit and post it on here if it's interesting enough.

Safe travels my dudes

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