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Sewer Sleuth

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28DL Full Member
Hi, noob here to the site.

A bit about me - I've worked in the UK sewer industry all my working life and find the whole gambit of drains, sewers and ancillaries just fascinating.

I'm based in the South East, UK and have some useful IT tools at my disposal for this line of activity ;)

I'm also a keen amateur photographer and specialise in studio portraits (usually of my children), but when it comes to taking pictures, everything floats my boat.

Would like to get involved with all of this stuff, and I acknowledge that the rest of you guys don't know me from Adam, so some suspicion may be inevitable, but all I can say is that my intentions are true.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Sewer Sleuth

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28DL Full Member
Yes, but Draining isn't (or shouldn't be) a solo activity, and I don't know anyone else who is interested, or maybe closer to the truth, I don't want to share this with anyone I work with.

So, looking to make friends and find out how you guys operate.

Sewer Sleuth

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28DL Full Member
The thing for me is that I've been down loads of sewers in my long career in the sewage industry, but its always to do a job, a task etc. In, job, out. I've always found myself thinking, "I just want to walk off in that direction and see where it goes..."

Of course, never been able to do that at work. On the other hand, I have a solid understanding of the risks and challenges of engaging in this kind of stuff from a professional stand point.

I've been reading stuff on here and the bits about the Finsbury Park reservoir are really interesting even if it is clean water rather than sewers. I shall be looking that one up on the asset management site later. ;)

Is it still available for visits?


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28DL Full Member
Welcome aboard. There are many useful reports listed on here going back a number of years which are worth a looking at. I personally prefer to explore freshwater culverts as I'm not keen on wading through a sea of turds. It will be interesting to see how you can bring your photographic & career related skills together.


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28DL Full Member
I think he might already know that mate.
My mistake. Just sometimes overthinking things leads to procrastination. A walk around and you might stumble upon something awesome by random.But I do accept it can be very much hit and miss. Had a fruitless day or two trudging along a river in bolton and finding fook all.


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with the type of work you are in i shouldn't think it would take long to locate your way into many drains/sewers..just enjoy and photograph as you go