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New Young Explorer From Wiltshire


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Howdy! I live in Wiltshire and I'm pretty new to exploring. I've already been to 2 places but I'm a little bit of a coward so I haven't been to any more haha. I'm about to go into college in September and for Media Studies, I've been told our project is to make a documentary on anything we wish. I wish to do it on Urbexing and abandoned places around England. I have done some research on places I want to go but a lot of the places don't confirm about security or easy access. Can anyone suggest places I could go that are pretty easy(ish) to explore? Or if not, any places where I can ask the owners of the place to see if they would let me on site with an escort?
Many thanks <3


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Hi and welcome- don't take it personally, but generally media coverage/ documentary making is frowned upon here. If I was you, I'd submit some reports to show who you are, what you've explored etc. It's probably not possible to get the owners to let you look around- I'd use the search button on the forum to find new stuff to explore :thumb

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