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Lead or Rumour info - Newark tunnel 'legend' to be investigated


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Not really useful to me, but i thought some of you guys might like it:

A team of historians and archaeologists plan to use radar to find out whether tunnels beneath a Nottinghamshire marketplace exist.

Newark and Sherwood District Council said the tunnels are rumoured to run beneath the marketplace in Newark but have never been investigated.

The council is funding the initial work, which will cost between two and three thousand pounds.

Historians hope that if found, the tunnels could be a tourist attraction.

Historian Jim Wishart said: "We know there are voids beneath the marketplace because there have been small collapses at various times.

"The investigation is about the significance of those voids and how they join together. They could possibly link the castle, the church and the old chantry."
Rest of the article can be found here:

BBC News - Newark tunnel 'legend' to be investigated

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There's always a tunnel between the church, the manor and the pub, even if there was no reason, and suitable roads.


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There are hydraulic tunnels under various Nottingham streets... see archived report


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There's always a tunnel between the church, the manor and the pub, even if there was no reason, and suitable roads.
Of course, how else would the nuns/monks/smugglers/cavaliers/roundheads/servants/lords/ladies/priests get from one place to another without a secret passage.


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Just thought I'd blow the dust off this thread and post a quick update for anyone who might be interested or stumbles upon it...

A national lottery fund heritage award was granted to Newark council allowing them to carry out a much more thorough ground penetrating radar survey. This is being carried out now (September - October 2017) and the results are not in yet but the good news is, the local urbex and paranormal communities are getting much more access to the many, many cellars that have bricked up entrances to the tunnels, and some of them are letting us knock the bricks down!

There are too many stories and too much evidence to simply dismiss the idea of there being tunnels under Newark, whether or not they've caved in is a different matter. Either way, I'm hoping this survey proves that there are or at least were tunnels :-)
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