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Report - Newbank House - Sheffield - July 2015



Early morning start, me and a couple of other guys hit Newbank around 3AM. Some tight squeezes and some shit all over your clothes later, you're onto the scaffold and in - straight up!
On the way up, we thought it was game over already as a cop car drove by and switched their sirens off right by us, but either they couldn't see us or it was a false alarm. We're up there, take some snaps, straight back down only to be seen by a member of public, who decided to take the law into his own hands and act like secca to us, we show him our cameras, our bags and make a swift exit. Oh, we get followed by him. Once we lose him we're straight off in the car and out - Newbank House done.

Newbank house is currently under development, being turned into luxury student accommodation by Fortis Developments, a UK based building development company that specialises in student living.

Here are the photos, apologies about the quality, my iPhone 5S shits itself in low light...


A short break before carrying on the climb


Insanely high poles stopped us from amazing photos of the skyline


Looking towards Kelham Island, another place full of explores


St Pauls Tower, one I'll never manage to get on top of...


Final photo before heading down.

Cheers for reading if you got this far, let me know what you think...

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