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Newbie Explorer here!!


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Hi, I am a complete newbie to exploring and was wondering if anyone knows of any places that are relatively easy to get into?! I have done loads of research online and have come across a few places and was wondering if anyone has visited them recently? Sunnyside Hospital in Scotland, Pantyfflnnon in Wales, St Margarets Maternity Hospital in Leeds. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Lord Oort

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Welcome :) Have a read of these threads to let you know how things work around here and to give you an idea of how to start.

If you have any questions afterwards just ask.

Best thing to do is get some reports up if you've already been to a few places or use the search box and see whats in your local area. Once you have a couple of reports up people will be far more likely to invite you out/trade locations.

Look forward to seeing some reports :thumb

Down and beyond

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Also it is helpful if you add roughly where you are from so local people will be in touch best of luck look forward to your reports

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